Custom made Design

Thinking about the gift to partner?
Wanna have a unique FaLala gift?
Or worrying about the design of wedding stuff?

As many fans have these worries, I decided to provide the design service!
It is a new try, I wish I can help my FaLala fans to solve their problem~

Let me introduce myself here, I am Jada, the creator of FaLala. (You can also call me Lala)
I have more than 5 years graphic design working experience, I do all kinds of graphic design, UXUI design and illustration works.Therefore I believe I can help you to solve the design problems!

Target group:
My lovely FaLala fans


Work samples:

Service content and charges*:

  • Message Sticker ( each one HKD 250 up)
  • Greeting Card (each page HKD 500 up)
  • Simple Couple Portrait ( HKD 600up)
  • Illustration  (simple drawing style with no BG HKD 600 up)
  • Wedding Cards (HKD 800 up)
  • Character Design (depends on style and quantity)
  • Customized Product (depends on type and content)

*The above prices are estimate only, the actual charge depends on the design requirements and content.
*Minimum charge HKD400
*If you need a lot of design, there will be a discount.
*I can help arrange printing and shipping stuff, but the costs are not included in the above prices. The customer is responsible for those costs.
*Urgent items need extra rush fee
(Local: one week or less is considered urgent;
Overseas: two weeks or les is considered urgent)
*If you wanna have the copyright of FaLala characters, you can buy the copyrights. Otherwise, the copyrights belongs to J.Picture.FaLala.

Service process:

  1. Send me your design request and content through email 
  2. I will send you the quotation.
  3. If both of us OK with the price and service content, you need to pay 50% of the price as a deposit.
  4. Generally, I will draft at least 2 drafts first, and then I will finish the design after we determine the design direction.
  5. Once the design direction and composition are confirmed, no major changes can be made. (Major change may need extra charge)
  6. After the design is completed, see if there are any points that need to be modified.
  7. You can have 3 chances to make minor changes.
  8. The mantissa must be paid after the design is completed, and I will send files/works to you.

Please feel free to send me email with the request form if you are interested.

Request form:

  1. What's your name?
  2. What kind of design you are looking for? (Greeting cards? Message sticker? Gift?)
  3. Please tell me the quantity.
  4. Is there any specific content to design/draw ?
  5. Is there a style reference? (If yes, please send it to me together)
  6. Need help with printing?
  7. Need help arranging delivery?
  8. What is the deadline date?